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Overseas Link Church in Jos, Nigeria

Towards the end of 2010, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) made the decision to seek a link with an overseas church as a way of widening our horizons and seeking to join with other Christians from another part of the world to support each other both on a practical level and in prayer. Through God’s good grace and guidance this decision moved very quickly and by the beginning of 2011 a link partnership was made with St Lukes Cathedral Church in Jos, Nigeria.

The speed at which the link moved has been amazing and at the beginning of April we were very honoured and privileged to welcome the Archbishop of Jos and his wife to our Church.

In the three days they spent with us, from Thursday to Sunday Dr Ben Kwashi and his wife Gloria utilised their time well by making many visits.

We as a church family had the most wonderful few day's and we were moved by the story's that both Ben & Gloria shared with us about there own personal experiences of God's true Grace and the persecution that the people of Jos have to deal with.

The spiritual benefits for us as a Church family are that we have been encouraged enormously by both Ben & Gloria's true commitment and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and through much suffering and pain they have never questioned God's Love for them and stand firm in what they believe and what Jesus has taught us through the Gospels.

In his sermon, Dr Kwashi spoke of his breakaway from faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, after being brought up in a Christian family. He spoke about how an encounter later on in his life made him realise the true meaning of God’s love.

He expressed how our journey of faith is about our relationship with Jesus on an individual basis and been a real friend of Jesus means having him in your daily life speaking and praying to him, so we thank God for this privilege and opportunity that we have and pray that by the Power of the Holy Spirit we will bear good fruit from this amazing time that we shared together. We are so very excited about this link that the Lord has provided us with and we look forward to praying and supporting our brothers and sisters in Jos.

You can watch the video of the sermon Dr Ben Kwashi preached by clicking on the button

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