Posted by - Julian Mann, October 2012

It was so very encouraging and moving to meet Revd Panshak Peter Panbish via Skype at our church prayer evening on October 4th - thank you to Mr David Pinney for organising the technology. Thank you to those who prayed for a successful link up.

Panshak's English is very good indeed and he came across as a most enthusiastic servant of the Lord Jesus Christ who is keen to come and proclaim the gospel in our parish. We plan to share prayer requests with Panshak on a monthly basis.  He also has a musical ministry as a school chaplain in the Diocese of Jos, so it would be good to hear about that in his bulletin.

When he comes God willing, through the licensing system he would be
accountable to me as the minister of the parish and I in turn would be accountable for how I train
him. His brief in a nutshell would be to proclaim the biblical gospel and teach
the Bible to young people in our parish and beyond where

Please pray on that the bureaucratic hurdles will be overcome - the Lord God Almighty who parted the Red Sea and raised Jesus Christ from the dead is well capable of forging a path through the red tape. It is taking the UK Border Agency three months to acknowledge our diocese's application to become an accredited sponsor of Tier 5 Temporary Religious Workers. We have been informed that there is likely to be a further six months' wait after the formal acknowledgement.  The valiant efforts of our diocesan secretary Mr Malcolm Fair are greatly appreciated, as is the pro-active support of our diocesan bishop, the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft.

It might take until September 2013 to bring Panshak over here, because there is the need to actually apply for his visa once the diocesan sponsorship has been agreed, God

Julian Mann
October AD 2012
BibleGateway Reform Diocese