Posted by - Julian Mann, May 2014

Below is the plan unanimously agreed at our May PCC for a mission partnership between our church and Christ Church Fulwood:

We the Parochial Church Council of the Parish Church of the Ascension, Oughtibridge, undertake to form a mission partnership with Christ Church Fulwood.

From the Ascension’s side, this partnership includes the following aspects:

  • It would involve a request from our PCC to Christ Church for a team led by its vicar Canon Paul Williams to conduct a mission within our parish during, God willing, 2015.


  • In the event of an inter-regnum it would involve a request to Christ Church to provide from amongst its staff team Bible teaching and temporary cover for Sunday services.


  • It would involve our Sunday Club joining Christ Church Fulwood at special children’s events such as summer holiday clubs.


  • It would involve regular prayer for the ministry of Christ Church Fulwood to its parish and that of its church plants in Sheffield at our Sunday services & our monthly church evening.


  • It would involve our ordained staff being willing to assist Christ Church with the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry of Word and Sacrament as requested.

Agreed and signed at our meeting on Monday May 12th AD 2014:

Julian Mann, Vicar                                  Roy Womack, Churchwarden


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