Posted by - Mrs Helen Kean, March 2015

The opportunity to hold an evangelistic mission to our parish this coming autumn, God willing, arises out of the mission partnership our church formed with Christ Church Fulwood in 2014.

This mission partnership involves us working closely with Christ Church, which has a large church family and is a Bible teaching, evangelical church. Over the years it has been able to provide support and plant other churches by allowing mature Christians to join or start a new church in certain areas.

Under the guidance of our Lord Almighty we became mission partners with Fulwood and these other churches. This is a very exciting time for our church as God has shown us that this is the path he wants us to follow, as many doors have been opened and opportunities arisen since this idea became a reality.

Having Panshak with us greatly helped us in forming the partnership with Christ Church because he went on the excellent theological course Fulwood runs.

A small group of us have been involved in meeting the vicar of Fulwood, Canon Paul Williams, to discuss having a mission week during Harvest time this year. The date for this has now been set and the mission is planned to start on Thursday 1st October at the Sunrise Group with other events taking place throughout the weekend till Tuesday 6th October.

The finer details of the mission are still to be confirmed. The Harvest Festival service is due to be on the Sunday (October 2nd) with Paul Williams preaching on this Sunday. We plan to have a Harvest Banquet on the Friday night in the Parish Centre. Further details will follow as and when they are confirmed.

As a church under Julian’s leadership we have had two previous mission weekends which have been very positive and have seen people come to faith during these times. You can also see the spiritual growth of individuals within the church family. I personally got going in my faith through the mission in 2005.

For the mission a team of people from Christ Church Fulwood are being invited to take part and speak at the various events. This allows us to really focus on reaching out to the community and spreading the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope you are all as excited as I am about this journey God is sending us on and ask you all to be continually praying for our mission partnership and the mission weekend. Prayer is so very important so I encourage us all to be disciplined and faithful in daily prayer.


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