Posted by - Julian Mann, March 2016

In the BBC TV version of John Le Carre’s 1993 novel, The Night Manager, the arms dealer villain Richard Roper declares: ‘Becoming a man is realising it’s all rotten. Realising how to celebrate that rottenness – that’s freedom.’

Does not this statement terrifyingly sum up where the world gets to without God? Without a good, loving and powerful God to whom people are accountable, who can claim with any authority that the amoral Richard Roper is wrong?

So thank the good Lord for Good Friday. It shows that the Ropers of this world are wrong. On the Cross, through the sacrificial death in our place of his divine Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God justly punished our human sinfulness and made eternal salvation possible.

In 2 Corinthians 5v21 in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul summed up the saving work of the Cross : ‘God made him (Jesus Christ) who had no sin to be sin for us,  so that in him we (Christian believers) might become the righteousness of God’ (RSV).

Imagine a DVD with every moment of our lives - every thought, word and deed - recorded on it. None of us would want that ever to be shown. But one day, after we die, we will be accountable to God for how we have lived.  That is a prospect to be dreaded unless something is done about our human sinfulness.

So thank God the death of the Lord Jesus Christ on Good Friday has transformed our prospects, provided we believe and trust in him beforehand, on the Day of Judgement. Because the Lord Jesus took our human sinfulness upon himself on the Cross, anybody who believes and trust in him, whatever they have done,  is issued with a new life story with their name on it. The new life story contains no rottenness at all because our old life story has been wiped clean and we have become instead ‘the righteousness of God’.

God puts us right with himself by giving us the good, loving and perfect life story of the Lord Jesus Christ - him who had no sin.  It’s like a life story DVD with our name on the label but with a completely different recording on the inside.

That life story  - Jesus Christ’s - is what God views on Judgement Day and it is what makes every believer in the Lord Jesus welcome in God’s beautiful eternity.

Julian Mann


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