Posted by - Julian Mann, December 2015

Angels play an important role in the Christmas story. Matthew’s Gospel records an angel of the Lord God appearing to Joseph telling him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife after she became supernaturally pregnant with Jesus.

Luke’s Gospel records the angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and telling her that the child she was going to give birth to would be called ‘the Son of the Most High’ (God).

After Jesus’ death and resurrection, an angel of the Lord appeared to friends of Jesus who had been imprisoned in Jerusalem for preaching his message. After opening the prison doors to enable them to escape, the angel told them to ‘go, stand in the temple courts and tell the people the full message of this new life’ (Acts 5v20).

That message of new life in Jesus is so important to the one true God that he sent a supernatural messenger, an angel, to encourage his human messengers to proclaim it publicly. The Lord God really wants people to find true life in his one and only Son, Jesus Christ, whom he sent into the world to be born on the first Christmas Day, for he is the God of overflowing love for people.

It was wonderful during our Harvest Celebrations in October to have a team from Christ Church Fulwood telling people in this parish the message of the new life that God freely gives to all who turn back to him and put their trust in the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins.

People in our local community are warmly invited to our Christmas events to discover for themselves the true life that is God’s gift in Jesus Christ.

Wishing you a very merry Christmas,

Julian Mann


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