Posted by - Julian Mann, November 2015

A team from our mission partner Christ Church Fulwood was active in outreach to our parish over six events from Thursday October 1st to Tuesday 6th. The Harvest Celebrations included a banquet in our Parish Centre on the Friday night, a children’s event on the Saturday afternoon in Coronation Park, and the Harvest Festival in church on the Sunday morning at which the vicar of Christ Church, Canon Paul Williams, preached on Jesus’ parable of the rich fool in Luke 12v13-21.

Team member Tim Burkill, a ministry trainee at Christ Church, writes:

‘The Friday festival celebration was a wonderful time which included a great feast of delicious food. At the gathering in the church hall we heard a wonderful testimony from Peter Collier about how he came to faith in Jesus Christ and we enjoyed songs and poetry from members of the Ascension church family as well. Peter’s faith was one which was grounded upon a life changed by the words that Jesus spoke.’

Claire Hennessey, a member of our church family, writes:

‘The array of activities throughout the six-day mission ensured that Canon Williams and his team spoke words that not only enriched our faith as a church family but they reached some new ears at all of the events too. Personal testimonies of coming to faith, and Bible teachings on God’s gift of Jesus and what that truly means for Christians, coupled together to give strong direction and a real food for thought for all. It was evident to see that all ages of our church family and the wider community enjoyed being part of the mission.


‘For me, there were two pinnacles. Firstly, meeting the Christ Church Fulwood team and seeing the friendly and supportive relationship between the churches flourish. On behalf of the church family, I would like to give sincere thanks for all of the team’s efforts and hand in faith and friendship.  


‘Secondly, as a mother, it was particularly lovely to see the children of our church be enthusiastic about their faith by wanting to be involved in the mission. The children not only offered their services and talents at the Friday night Harvest supper but they also demonstrated outreach confidence by inviting their friends to join the mission in Oughtibridge park on the Saturday.


‘I pray that this mission will stay within the children’s hearts and minds and encourage them to serve God in this way in the future.’


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